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Is it that time again already??? It's Wednesday video time!!!
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I snagged this fromrocketjava, who, along with Lauren, told me he also has a 'hilarious' (to quote Lauren) vid about shipping, which is linked here.

And just know, that despite the rather awkward pose below, Dan is pretty cute and all British-y so...enjoy!!


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(Deleted comment)
as do I, and his sense of humor, and his ability to communicate, and his creativity, and he really is kind of cute IMO And yeah... almost famous, Lauren knew who he was before I sent her the fandom vid!!

OMG These were so hilarious :D

I know, right? Sweet and funny little dude who is right on :))


omg I have never ever seen this before. HAHAHAHAHA. I love him to bits.

I'm glad you agree, I love him to bits too!!!

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