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A Combo

camera 365 Photography Project_3rd_6th Post, and a part of mission101 also :)

November 8, 2012 before and after
BEFORE is what it is.
AFTER includes a couple of my favorite prints - the deers...the guys...the Pre-Raphaelite woman - a photo of my glamor mom, probably around age 22, to the far left, David's parents center bottom-ish, several items my parents brought back from their travels and two that I did, and a photo of my parents and me when we all very young.
itsabutton This music vid was given to me by my Lauren who bumped into it on YouTube while searching something else, something else probably Zelda-related and a not uncommon situation, and who says it is now her constant listening companion thereby proving to me that she does indeed have wonderful, if very eclectic, taste
I hope you enjoy it also.

Tags: personal_photography_365_3rd, videos

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