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How pathetic is it that....

...after reading the excellent review, plus more, by pepino21786  of Glass Menagerie, when, during the Q&A, Randy says he's reading Hart Crane, I have to go out and buy Crane's complete works (#6 down the linked page)

AND I have to order the very same bio Randy says he's reading, Broken Tower

AND, at the very end of review (after pepino's pics) where pepino's friend snagged some info from a local magazine, when Randy answers a question about what's on his iPod, I have to go running to the iTune Store and download two of them, Brian Eno and Lou Reed...geez.

It's also kind of pathetic that it took me half an hour to compose this post, with two edits and counting, but at least I was able to do it...something I would not've even considered doing just two short months ago.


May. 2nd, 2007 10:28 pm (UTC)
Just to let you know, I did get the book but started reading it and realizing it was going to take me a while, I ordered a second copy which I can now send on to you if you are still interested, considered it a gift, something we can discuss as we go along. I've also gotten Crane's "letters" which is even longer then the bio. I'm going to read the bio and the letters before I even try to tackle his poetry.

I love the biographer's way of writing, he goes from a nice easy style when discussing life events but almost gets prosey when discussing the poetry.

Please send me you address by email and I will get it off to you. Gayle

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