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365 Photography Project_3rd_7th Post
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Just a couple of black&whites from Santa Cruz

November17_2012_Saturday_Santa Cruz trees

November17_2012_Saturday_Santa Cruz trees_A

November17_2012_Saturday_Santa Cruz trees_B
Saturday November 17, 2012_Got bored, again, while waiting for Lauren so...these are all, quite obviously, from the same area and while I will admit to futzing with the contrast maybe a little, I won't admit to anything else, the composition is what it is :)

To all those who celebrate it
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :D

Thank you for the beautiful pic treat.

Thank you, we had a lovely time with friends. I hope yours was lovely too. And you are more than welcome, I'm glad you like the pics of pretty Santa Cruz.

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pics, B/W photography is my favourite.

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I love B&W too, but often forget to use it, but this overcast scene seemed perfect :)

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thank you!! I think I like the second :D

We don't see nearly enough black and white shots. Take more! The area looks beautiful.

I will!! This is a hill that leads from one parking lot, behind me beyond which is Jimmy's apartment building up another hill, to another smaller parking lot, at the top of the hill beyond which is Lauren's dorm. When on campus, between the two is where Cindy and I spend most of our time, up and down, up and down :))

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