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Three boys playing bluegrass!!
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Three brothers, a guitar player aged 14, a fiddle player aged 13 and a banjo player aged 10, are The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys from out of New Jersey and they have two songs for you!!



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Okay, these kids are amazing! The 10-yr-old banjo player just blew me away. Thanks for posting. ♥

They are amazing, I think they must come from a musical family for all three to be so very talented. I'm glad you enjoyed!

They are so good!!

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Right? I'm so impressed.

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'I like Bluegrass, reminds me a bit of Celtic which I love.'
Exactly, I also love Celtic and no problem, I love sharing too.

I loved how the 14 year old smiled at his 10 year old brother. Whenever I see kids like these, it makes me wonder just how much talent is out there that will never be cultivated or realized.

I thought the smile was very sweet too.

Maybe that's the reason for a lot of the disfunction out there, people meant to do something, having the talent, but never being able to find a way, for what ever reasons, to fulfill their promise.

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