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365 Photography Project_3rd_8th Post

Still working on November!
Thursday November 20, 2012_Thanksgivng with The Hadley's none of whom can be seen in these two photos, only Lauren in the first and Tim's hands in the second and that's just fine too.

November29_2012_Thursday_Christopher Kimball_America's Test KitchenNovember29_2012_Thursday_Christopher Kimball_America's Test Kitchen_signing
November29_2012_Thursday_Christopher Kimball_America's Test Kitchen_with CindyNovember29_2012_Thursday_Christopher Kimball_America's Test Kitchen_cookbook
November 29, 2012Thursday_Cindy wanted to get Christopher Kimball's newest cookbook for Jimmy for Christmas, but signed so, away we went to a Mountain View bookstore whose name I forget to do just that. He gave a wonderful talk, the place was packed, apparently he does this once every year, and Jimmy will be sooooo happy when he gets his book.

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