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That was so cool. Thank you for sharing it.

I know, right? And he's also right, I'll probably never go to Machu Picchu so, I'm glad he did. He has a cool little channel that sends emails maybe twice a week with shortish and interesting, mostly science, vids about stuff he likes. Fun!!

Amazing!! Now I want to go to Peru!!

Right? but while you might, I never will so, happy he did! Glad you liked it too.

Now I want to go there!

Thanks for posting this.

This was really awesome. The video was informative, and the idea was cool. However, I spent a lot of it thinking 'why aren't you wearing any sunblock?'

'I spent a lot of it thinking 'why aren't you wearing any sunblock?''
bwahahaha!! didn't even cross my mind and I'm pure white!! Glad you liked the vid though, nice of him to take the trouble to do all of this just for us :D

I love the way the rocks are placed on each other - the pattern is gorgeous.

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