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Okay, it may be just me, but...
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I find these two very short Adam promos for VH1's Divas, very charming and nicely produced.
Also, YouTube's banner says these are UNLISTED, which I don't understand so, I repost because they, nonetheless, allow me to -enjoy!


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(Deleted comment)
thank you!!! and yes, his voice is so good it hurts sometimes.

These are so cute! I was channel surfing the other day and actually saw the glass breaking promo on TV- made me do my fangirly squeeee!

Very cool that you actually saw the promo on TV, I would've been squeeeeing right a long with you! I haven't :(( and we do watch VH1.

His facial expressions are just precious - and his voice ... like whoa!

Thanks for posting these. ♥

*agrees* and no problem, anything where he's both cute and amazing deserves posting.

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