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icon science_astronomy

Another year come and gone with all of you, old friends and new.
I am thankful for each and everyone of you and
look forward to spending 2013 in your company.

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!!!

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Happy holidays to you, too!

Thank you!! and I love your icon :)

Merry Christmas to you, too.

Thank you - Happy Holidays to you too! :)

You're more than welcome and thank you!!

(Deleted comment)
I'm glad you agree :)

Georgeous picture, Gaeln. Same wishes to you, too.

M Lyn

I like your little angel. Hee hee

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sorry I'm so late commenting, I am so behind on LJ.


We did have a lovely, and quiet, Christmas. Now on to New Years!! Hope yours will be terrific.

And no problems, I'm so behind as well.

I simply love this pic of ornaments. The colors and the brightness warms my heart.

I'm feeling a bit down today and may just be the usual let down after Christmas before I've made new goals and plans for the next year.

Looks like Brian won't be writing and publishing on his site much do you think? If he's redoing his work to publish, he's going to be busy with being a doctor and family and writing and giving like he does.

I wonder what it is like to give so much to others?

Now, we may have a book to look forward to reading, eh? Quite a year.

M Lyn

I'm sort of interested in this new LJ project Brian has mentioned. I look forward to seeing what he has come up with :)

Hope your spirits are more up now.

Well, it will be interesting whatever it is. I have been trying to change my sleep/wake cycle and got into sleeping during the day and am trying to move it back to earlier. Geez. What a tiring mess it got to be during the shift.

I don't know what was going on when you said that about hope I'm more up. I'm sleepy and will be for a few days while I adjust back to day time shift. If I were awake longer in the day, I liked going to sleep in the afternoon and still being up in the am.

I've been doing painting with Boku Undo inks. I just love the kind of backgrounds they make.

M Lyn

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