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PBSoffbook_The Effect of Color_A repost as the first seemingly got messed up...so sad
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PBSoffbook posts short vid every other Thursday, with 21 so far, on topics like the Art of Graphic Design, Logo Design, the Art of Web Design and so on and while this is a fairly basic talk about color, the vid is so nicely put together and fast paced, that it's more than worth the 7 & 1/2 minutes it takes to watch.


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I wish our money were different colors, not just green, silver and copper.

I remember having some trouble in Europe with all the pretty money, it only vaguely looked real sometime, but ours is getting more colorful. You just have to look closely :)

Okay, go to google images and type in 'old us 5 dollar bill' and then, open another google and type in 'new us 5 dollar bill' and then, compare. new is prettier than old, not Eupopean-like in its prettiness, but more colorful then in recent years anyway. Conceivably, you can do the same for 10s and 20s.

I've seen the the new purple fives and totally glossed over them! Yes, there is definitely a bit more color.

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