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A multi-week 365_3rd_10th Post_Closing out 2012

Monday December 10, 2012_For most of my life, I made sure, when asked my name to be written down, that it was spelled correctly. That's G-A-Y-L-E, I would emphasize, but, interestingly I think, since the mid-2000s, I've left baristas, and such others, to their own devices with the above being the usual spelling of choice, which is just fine with me :D

December12_Wednesday_nighttime forest_B
Wednesday December 12, 2012_At UC Santa Cruz the night we picked up the kids for winter break. While Cindy and I waited for them to arrive at the car, I got bored and this photo, with the same yellow light that affects all my nighttime California photographs, is the result.

December18_2012_Tuesday_SF_Jasper_ADecember18_2012_Tuesday_SF_walking around
Tuesday December 20, 2012_San Francisco's Modern Art Museum, aptly named SFMoMA, is closing at the beginning of this summer for two years  for extensive renovations. They grown ever bigger!! Their last BIG show, which began in October, is Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind's Eye. Anyone who has been with me for even awhile knows how much I adore Jasper Johns. I ADORE him I tell you so, being able to share this with my family, shown on right standing on a bridge at the George Moscone Center with the museum glowing orange in the background, was freakin' AWESOME. Sadly, photography wasn't allowed inside the show. Still, it was freakin' AWESOME.

December20_2012_Thursday-cookie makingDecember20_2012_Thursday-cookies_A
Thursday December 20, 2012_On this happy note, I close out 2012 with the kids baking a delicious variety of cookies, mainly for a coffee and cookie party I was hosting at my house the following morning for several woman friends which I forgot to take a photo sad. Cindy's kitchen has an overhead light that turns her kitchen green and try as I might, I can only minimize it, not eradicate it...weird. Still, pretty blender!
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