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Please allow me to bore you to tears over the next four days... I, day by day and month by month, do the first quarter update for my 4th mission101.

Sure, I could do this all in one post, all in one day, but that would be waaaay toooo easy somehow. No, instead, I've decided to drag this thing out just as long as is humanly possible by doing my first month -October- today Monday, my second month -November- tomorrow Tuesday and etc.

Start Date: October 2012 & End Date: September 2013
Number of tasks completed in October: 11/ 101

As usual, I have several books that I want to read over the next year centering mostly around science fiction/ fantasy for fun and around physics for learning about stuff. I started with a learning-about-stuff book:
9_A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing by Lawrence Krauss, which was fantastic. At the time of reading it, I actually understood what he was talking about. At this point, I am mainly clueless, not entirely but mainly, but will read it again as I must.

As usual, I have a couple of The Teaching Company's Great Courses: I finished:
24_My Favorite Universe taught by Neil deGrasse Tyson who freakin' LOVES his work. Man, I enjoyed watching this.
25_Origins of Great Ancient Civilizations taught by Professor Kennet5h W. Harl, which covers from Sumar through the Persian Empire. Enjoyable!!

I have several Netflix programs qued up, one of which was:
27_Cosmos by Carl Sagan, which I hadn't seen in AGES and which was just as wonderful, as informative, as insightful as I remember it being. Oh, I'm so glad I watched this again

A while back there was a WIP story meme going around which I snagged and did here, the point being to post the first paragraph of each of your works in progress and get people's reactions, What that did for me was to impress upon me the need to actually finish the four WsIP listed, which were in various stages of finished-ness, the first one being:
44_ Everyone Who Mattered to Them Was There, which is the first one at my post.
These stories are my own, my own verse, my own characters, some of whom I first wrote about when I was 12 years old, but more on that some other time.

Photography, photography, when don't I have photography so:
63_365 Photography Project album_2nd_Annotate
64_365 Photography Project_2nd_Complete
I have these in reverse order. Silly.

Lauren, Lauren, when don't I have projects for Lauren!!!
73_Add her poetry to poetry book
This project, started so long ago, like three years or something, is now as done as I can make it with the addition of all the little bits and pieces of her poetry, scrawled on whatever piece of paper was handy at the time, I was able to gather up and save over the years. Since I gave it to her at Christmas, her dad has added three more poems and my hope is that she will continue to add to it as she travels the road of her life. Could happen.
72_Complete Baby Book
Seriously, I started this when she was born. Born, people and yet I stopped working on it just after she turned 1. I was happily able to give it to her, completed, for her 19th birthday.

Additional projects
89_Organize Europe basket
Once returned form Europe ever so long ago, I threw everything, every train stub, every museum ticket, every postcard and brochure and little booklet bar coaster and empty exotic cigarette pack and just whatever, into a nice picnic basket and I never looked back until I wanted to show Lauren all my cool stuff last summer, like my pretty fans from Spain, and found it all a mess. It is now NOT a mess, it is now organized.
97_Reorganize menu planning & execution
I thoroughly hate cooking, have I ever mentioned just how much I dislike, really dislike cooking? And so, consequently, I keep reorganizing my recipes and how I deal with them thinking that doing this will somehow help. In fact, it has. This 5th generation 'new way' is kind of working out and I find that I'm not so much hating cooking now, as making friends with it. It is something I am going to have to do every day, in some form or another, for the rest of my natural life so, I might as well make friends with it. Maybe I have, just maybe I have.

I said I was going to post this on Monday and where I am, which is if not at the very edge of the world than is damned close to it, it is still Monday!! and will be for another 1 & 1/ 2 hours.

I should do a cut, but I don't wanna.
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