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Start Date: October 2012 & End Date: September 2013
Number of tasks completed in November: 13 for a total, including October's, of 24/ 101

He...hem and so to continue from yesterday:

Books-wise, I seemingly got many read in November but that's a lie, really since what I finished was:
His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, a trilogy that includes:
13_The Golden Compass
14_The Subtle Knife
15_The Amber Spyglass, two of which, not unreasonably, #s13 $ 14, I finished in October, but was unwilling to count the whole of it done until I'd finished #15.
Lastly, I read:
10_A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking, which I actually not only understood when I read it, but continue to understand even to this very day so...YAY!! There's hope for me still!

Great Courses-wise, I watched and thoroughly enjoyed:
23_The Genius of Michangelo because where has been the ART in my life?!?

Netflix-wise, I watched:
29_Stephen Hawking & the Theory of Everything and, seriously, how well did I coordinate that, huh? Goes right along with his book I read (see above) so, let's hear it for reinforcement!!

Drawing-wise, I did one:
35_ Piece 1_Abstract Iceflow, which took me a month and a half, but finish it I did. I'm supposed to do nine, meaning I have myself set-up to do nine drawings by October. I grow concerned.

On-the-other-hand, Writing-wise, I did good, quite good, having finished:
45_ Aaron Matthews
46_ Three Questions
47_Tomorrow Will Come Soon Enough
48_Ethan Is… with Golden Watchman, the first three of which are the other three from that WIP story meme I mentioned yesterday with the fourth being, much to my delight, a new story combined with an older one which wasn't something I had planned on doing, it just worked out that way!! So, yeah...ain't life grand!

Organization-wise, I completed two projects:
90_Create picture wall in art room, which I posted pictures of some little while back
95_ Research & Purchase Frankoma Pottery & Wexford Pressed Glass because, I have collected both for ages, but randomly and without concern, but having decided I want to now use them to replace our normal dishes, I ebayed what I was still missing. A lot as it turns out and it was wild there for awhile, I'd have several bids going at once, was distracted constantly about what day it was, what time it was etc. I had SO much fun both winning and loosing and now, with both combined, we have swell new (actually, quite old) dishes.

For the sake of full disclosure, I added two new writing tasks:
44_Jamey & Jaxon, a story idea now renamed Caught in the Light of His Eyes
98_Participate in one writing challenge_The QAF Gift Exchange

Hopefully, coding gods willing, I won't double-post this entry like I (due to an LJ hiccup, yeah, no seriously) yesterday. Wish me smooth sailing. Until next time, I am ever yours.


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Jan. 30th, 2013 04:44 am (UTC)
You understood and kept understanding A Briefer History of Time by Hawking. I need to read this cause A Brief History of Time kicked my ass,
Jan. 31st, 2013 05:25 pm (UTC)
I've read a lot in and around what Hawking discusses in Briefer so, it was more or less a kind of consolidation for me and, according to their own advertising, Briefer was made to be more accessible then Brief so, you should probably give it a try. Bet you'll be surprised.
Jan. 30th, 2013 09:02 pm (UTC)
You done good!

I had never heard of Frankoma Pottery or Wexford Pressed Glass, so I beebooped around the web a bit and now I know a little about them. I'm pretty sure I've seen pieces of Wexford Pressed Glass and may even own a set of small bowls, but Frankoma is entirely new to me.

(A purring cat just wrapped itself around my neck. Hmm, nice.)

I read "The Golden Compass" but never continued. Didn't grab me.

I have a Great Courses catlog sitting in my Action!Jackson pile right now. I've been pondering a math course. Perhaps something less ambitious might be a wiser choice since right now I am reading along with Samantha's English course. Right now I'm reading "A Clockwork Orange." In fact, the house is quiet, so I shall go read more right now. FanSee

Jan. 31st, 2013 04:29 pm (UTC)
Re: Congratulations
Thank you!!

I discovered Frankoma in an antique store in Southern California years ago and fell in love. There are, as I'm sure you discovered in your beehopping, several styles and colorways. I only collect the brown-green color combo but mix up the styles a little. As for the Wexford, I think everyone's parents had some of their glasses, they were so ubiquitous when I was growing up, I never imagined they had a name. I have a fairly complete set of glasses and serving pieces and recently added large plates and small bowls. Lauren has become expert at locating them, whether in high end antique store or The Goodwill!!

Nothing better than a purring cat wrapping itself around whatever part of you it wants. I miss that.

Sorry Golden Compass didn't grab you. I couldn't put the entire trilogy down.

I loved Clockwork Orange the first time I read it in highschool, I still have my original copy!! but then, I've always been very into that whole distopian view of the future and you're probably right, if you're going to read along with everything in Sam's class, you might want to try something that more goes along with what you're doing. There one course, The Art of Reading, I'm rewatching it now, that you might find interesting. I can always mail it, or any that I have, to you, if you are interested.
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