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Happiness Month_Day Three

Day Three
      Three Gratitudes_9/ 63
          I'm grateful;
7_that I grew up NASA
8_that my dad didn’t sign-on for the shuttle mission that would have moved my parents and me to Houston.when I was 18 and had just met David
9_that I had parents who loved to explore the western US by car, taking promising detours whenever possible

      One Positive_3/ 21
It is nice to see that a couple of LJ friends have shown some interest in doing, each in their own way naturally, this little daily meme. I’m finding that having to comb through my past finding those things that I’m grateful for and then, refocusing on the present, to find the main positive of each day, is helping my outlook, which can tend toward the cynical. I hope others do take up this idea as I love reading these sorts of things.

Alex ashmedai bothered to google this idea and, unlike me, was able to find a site where it is discussed, which you can find here. I must have gotten it from the TEDtalk vid. I am obviously doing my 21 days a little differently then is suggested here. Each to their own way.

          I did do one act of doing something beyond the normal, but will not post about it (sometime_yes & sometimes_no)
          I did exercise, not only did I dance vigorously around my kitchen for 15 entire minutes, I also worked in the garden for 55 minutes. So cool.
          I did meditate, for 20 minutes this time, with my iPod tuned to 'My Favorites'. This is perfect and will be the way I continue to meditate. The music envelops me, blocking outside sounds that could otherwise be distracting. My only difficulty is to not swaying, at least too much, to the music :)

And lastly, just let me say Happy International Women's Day!

Eighteen days to go.

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