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Happiness Month_Day Four

Day Four
    Three Gratitudes_12/ 63
          I'm grateful;
10_that David holds the same views on religion and basically the same views on politics as I do
11_that my mom and dad were very good at not just saving, but investing their money wisely
12_that David has been very good at investing their money well so that we are reasonably well set-up for the future

    One Positive_4/ 21
I have two for today:
1_Cindy and I did the Home Show in downtown San Jose and although it was smallish, we were nonetheless able to gather up much and pertinent information for our various remodeling project; hers, painting, remodeling retaining wall and so on; and mine, various much smaller projects and I was able to do some fun photography done while waiting for Cindy to get some information and then we did lunch at El Fornaio...nom nom
2_also David and I drove over the hill to see Lauren for dinner and we had a lovely time doing Chinese, which was also…nom nom.
What a good day!!!

          I did do one act of doing something beyond the normal, but will not post about it (sometime_yes & sometimes_no)
          I did exercise, well, I'm going to have to consider all that walking at the home show a kind of exercise since I didn't have any other time.
          I did meditate, I even got up early so that I would have enough time to do my meditation, 20 minutes, before Cindy cam to pick me up for the home show.

Seventeen days to go.

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