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Happiness Month_Day Five

Day Five
  Three Gratitudes_15/ 63
          I'm grateful;
13_that Lauren and I had ten years of week-long summer vacations with my dad before he died.
14_that Lauren was old enough and willing to help me for six weeks during her 13th summer with everything I needed to do, and what a help she was! while going through and fixing up my dad’s house so I could rent it.
15_that David and I were able to take Lauren to Chicago & Boston for one week each and to New York for two weeks in her middle teens.

  One Positive_5/ 21
A situation on LJ has impacted me negatively and wanting to talk about that, I realized that Lauren would not only know what I was talking about, but could understand why I was upset. When we talked, she immediately got why and patiently listen to me rant while offering good advice. I don't go on much about LJ or fandom with RL friends because I know that they can't really understand, they haven't been hanging around being involved for the past 9 to 10 years. Lauren understands.

          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal, well, I tried to do something beyond the normal because, while I can sometimes imagine that some certain news will impact someone, someone I don't necessarily know all that well, negatively and I may even think of an way to help, I don't generally put my idea into action thinking the situation will resolve itself satisfactorily without me. This time, I made an attempt, a sincere attempt that I believe helped.
          I did exercise, by starting a little regime, something I've been meaning to do anyway, of face exercises using this book.
          I did meditate, using my iPod, this activity, after only five days, is starting to be something I look forward to doing.

Sixteen days to go.

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