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Happiness Month_Day Eight

Day Eight
Three Gratitudes_24/ 63, which means, with this, I'm a third of the way done!
          I'm grateful:
22_that Lauren has had Jimmy, and that Jimmy has had Lauren, since 2nd grade as each others very best friend. They are both strange little ducks and, by and large, this set-up is just best.
23_that Lauren was able to go to the same college as Jimmy (see above)
24_that Lauren was able to get into college near enough so that we can see her easily (you can imagine here, tears of JOY!!)

One Positive_8/ 21
I have several tasks I try to get done daily, currently read one canto in Paradiso, write one to two verses in Lauren's little book, write an hour on my story, watch one eppi of my educational vid, catch up on LJ, catchup on Yahoo, a little housework and a little gardening and here's the positive, right now I'm actually accomplishing what I'd like to plus the added bits because of this meme.
          Because even though I always want to function this way, normally I don't because normally, I get obsessive. I must finish writing the story, I must watch the last 6 eppies, I must read the last 300 pages...obsessive...obsessive...obsessive so, I get one thing done as the other things fall pitifully to the wayside.
          Right now, happily, I am so far away from being able to complete anything, I am entirely not obsessing. I couldn't care and so, I'm functioning as I should. Weird.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Let's just say I did and let it go at that, 'kay?
          I did exercise, both dancing for 15 minutes, AND 45 minutes working in the garden
          I did meditate. I did, again using my iPod, for 33 minutes.

Thirteen days to go.

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