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Happiness Month_Day Nine

Day Nine
Three Gratitudes_27/ 63
          I'm grateful:
25_that I have a laptop that connects me to the internet so that I can be aware of the struggles and triumphs of others and so, can also be inspired
26_that I found Livejournal
27_that because of Livejournal, I have been able to renew my old passion of writing within a safe and tolerant environment. That would be you :D

One Positive_9/ 21
I'm starting to gear up for Lauren coming home. The trimester ends next Friday but she'll have her last final Tuesday. She had one today which she say was very easy and she new all the answers so, that is positive! Apparently our retirement dollars are being well spent on her education after all, such a relief. She'll be home for a week and a half so, that's an even bigger positive.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I've used this one already, but it is the truth because I knew I had to post something here, when David asked for a dinner completely different from what I had already planned, I told him no, tomorrow, and than went ahead and made it for him tonight. He was happy so, whatthehell.
          I did exercise, my usual 15 minutes of dance and 30 minutes working outside. I must say this meme has been amazing for my yard.
          I did meditate, I did, again using my iPod, for 22 minutes.because guess who called?!? This is almost becoming a given.

Twelve days to go.

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