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Happiness Month_Day Ten

Day Ten
Three Gratitudes_30/ 63
          I'm grateful:
28_that David has been gainfully employed at a very good job, where he’s respected and able to do work he respects, for over a decade.
29_that we live in an area where fresh valley-grown produce is easy available
30_that they invented Netflix and conveniently located its headquarters, and one of its distribution centers, right down the street

One Positive_10/ 21
Despite what I've been saying over the last couple of days, I got all obsessive obsessive obsessive today and completed, basically, all the remaining verses, about 11, for Lauren's little book. So YAY!!
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Actually, not so much. I guess I can't figure out a way to be beyond-the-normal everyday. I'll just have to try harder tomorrow.
          I did exercise, Actually, not so much...David was home so dancing, and it was cold out and...and...and I just didn't
          I did meditate, I did, again using my iPod, for 35 minutes.

Eleven days to go.

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