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Happiness Month_Day Eleven & Twelve

Yesterday didn't work out quite as I would have imagined. I did my every-two-month Stanford blood donating at 10am, which is always a nice experience in and of itself, but I had a fairly wicked mean reaction and lost most of the rest of the day to not feeling good so, I didn't post and so, I combine up two days.

Days Eleven & Twelve
Six Gratitudes_36/ 63
          I'm grateful:
31_that life worked out so that I had several years to teach and learn with Lauren before she started school
32_that life worked out so that I was able to volunteer at Lauren’s elementary & middle school as much as I wanted and they needed
33_that even now, when she calls pretty much every other day,  she fills me in on all that is going on, fun stuff, class stuff, problems, everything. Or so I choose to believe :)
34_that even though I’m an only child of parents who were also only children, meaning almost no family, my imagination has kept me from ever being lonely
35_that in his last decade of life my dad was able to connect with relatives of his father, the only one to leave Massachusetts, that until then, he didn’t even know existed
36_that because of that connection, I now have the names and some information about 14 generations of my dad’s family who originally landed in Massachusetts in 1645 and, as mentioned above, never left.

           One Positive_11 & 12/ 21
11_David was sweetly concerned about my not feeling well and took very nice care of me.
12_I am feeling better and so, was able to get some things done today.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal, Yesterday morning, it would be that I actually initiated talking with people around me, especially one very nice woman who was waiting with me. Today, I was quiet so, I don't think so.
          I did exercise, Yesterday, not a bit of it. Today I'm still regrouping so, no.
          I did meditate, Yesterday, using meditation helped to keep me calm during the blood-giving process. Today, I did my normal 25 minutes with my iPod.

Nine days to go.

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