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Happiness Month_Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen
Six Gratitudes_42/ 63
          I'm grateful:
40_that I have one of best mother-in-laws ever
41_that David and I, despite serious difficulties, have made it 25 years married
42_that I have had Barbara since 1974 and Cindy since 1999 as my best friends.

           One Positive_14/ 21
I did what I want to daily plus had quite a bit of time left for my little story. Lauren called to say that despite being sick, she had taken her final exam today, she thought she might need to put it off until Thursday when she hoped she might feel better, so, I get her tomorrow!!!
        I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: If only. As a friend mentioned, it's hard to do beyond the normal, if you're a hermit 90% of the time. Such as it is. With Lauren home, maybe I can shake this one up a little. Maybe get some beyond-the-normal niceness going on. Could happen.
          I did exercise: I danced...danced...danced fifteen minutes away!! And I worked in the garden, actually planting instead of only just preparing.
          I did meditate: I did my not-quite-so normal 50 minutes with my iPod. I was vaguely stunned when I registered the time :) I do this first thing, right after showering, because it seems to energize me and then, it's off to the garden.

Seven days to go.

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