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Happiness Month_Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen
Six Gratitudes_45/ 63
          I'm grateful:
43_that as late as it was, after several unsuccessful tries, I finally was able to carry a baby to full-term
44_ that David and I have, so far, enough money to pay for Lauren’s ever increasing UC tuition
45_that I love and respect and admire my daughter completely

           One Positive_15/ 21
Although the day began drizzle-y, by 8:30am, when I left to get Lauren, it had cleared up somewhat. The drive was actually nice because, since it was overcast, the light was easy on the eyes, without all that lovely dabbled sunlight. We arrived back around 10:30am, brewed some tea and talked and talked and talked, very nice!
         I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I kept something to myself I normally wouldn't have that is better kept to myself. In other words, I restrained myself and that can only be a good thing and is definitely something beyond the normal.
          I did exercise: No, just...no.
          I did meditate: No, just...no.

Six days to go.



Mar. 21st, 2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
Re: money
There's only concern because the costs keep going up and they're already crazy high to begin with, but the UC system here is saying that they probably won't be raising tuition this next year so, things should be fine. Thanks for your concern.

It was a very nice drive. When crowded with trucks and cars, the drive from here to Santa Cruz can be treacherous, but early in the morning, it can be very nice. And yes, driving especially winding mountain road does take focus and timing. the problem can be those who, because they drive it everyday, drive way too fast. I'm still trying to learn to just take my time :)

YAY!! for white stars!!

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