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Happiness Month_Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen
Three Gratitudes_48/ 63
          I'm grateful:
46_that it was never even a consideration that I wouldn’t go to college. It was understood.
47_that David and I were able to give each other the wedding and honeymoon of our dreams. And yes, since we did marry older, we paid for both the wedding and the honeymoon. All we asked was that everyone meet us in San Francisco, which I don't think was asking too much.
48_that I have never been in a physical fight, have never been physically harmed by, or have physical harmed, anyone

           One Positive_16/ 21
Lauren and I had a lovely wonderful terrific day being lazy. We watched an episode of Merlin and a couple of Psych and an episode of STNG. Glorious.
        I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Actually, I returned a couple of emails that had been lingering in my inbox for waaaay too long (one from mid-February...I'm so bad) and both answered back to (le sigh)
          I did exercise: Today, we lazed
          I did meditate: I did my 25 minutes via iPod while Lauren showered

Five days to go.

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