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Happiness Month_Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen
Three Gratitudes_51/ 63
          I'm grateful:
49_that David has a very strong work ethic that has pulled us through several tough times.
50_that I volunteer to help clean up abandoned homeless camps, not being truly able to ever imagine living in one.
51_that David and I aren’t gullible, have never fallen for any scam and have taught Lauren how to be aware also of the possible pitfalls.

           One Positive_17/ 21
Lauren and I had a little TV time, an eppie of Psych, before we were off to pick up Cindy so we could meet with Barbara for lunch in Willow Glen. We had a lovely time, chatting and laughing and eating. Then home we came for one more eppie of Psych before David, Lauren and I drove to downtown San Jose for a meeting with our financial guy that ended at just the right time for us to have dinner at the Spaghetti Factory so, all and all, a decent day, which is definitely a positive.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Well, everything we did today was because I got it going, making sure everyone was where they needed to be so, as an organizer, I did go a little beyond the normal.
          I did exercise: No, I didn't.
          I did meditate: Again, my 25 iPod minutes.
To expound a little, my understanding of the point of meditation is to quiet 'the mind' in order to attain some kind of enlightenment, which means for me to quiet the left, or rational and dominate, side of my mind so that the right, or more creative, side can roam free. By listening to my music, by allowing my mind to chase the music, soaring, dancing, stomping to the rhythm, I can, or am learning how to, quiet the left side of my mind and let the right side do what it does best. Hopefully.
     I've tried to meditate the 'right' way never making it longer then a couple of weeks before I just couldn't stand it, I'd get so antsy. I'm learning that doing what is considered the 'right' way isn't necessarily what's right for me, maybe because I'm not looking for enlightenment as much as inspiration.

Four days to go.

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