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Happiness Month_Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen
Three Gratitudes_54/ 63
          I'm grateful:
52_that I have grown up, despite its serious difficulties, in a liberal democracy.
53_that I live at a time when, traumatic as it can be, people world-wide are fighting more and more for their human rights and because of the internet, the rest of the world can know about, and be inspired by, their fight.
54_that I was not raised in a religious family

           One Positive_18/ 21
We never left the house! We had no where we needed to be! Oh how I love it when we have no where we need to be!!!
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: I made an attempt to be more who I really am when answering my email-y comments, with one especially, which, while those I'm commenting to might find it annoying, I enjoyed so, maybe I went beyond the normal for myself :)
          I did exercise: No, I didn't.
          I did meditate: I will, before I sleep. Honestly.

Three days to go.

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