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Happiness Month_Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen
Three Gratitudes_57/ 63
          I'm grateful:
55_that I enjoy reading and have the time to indulge myself.
56_that throughout my life I have had good people around me because I can be something of (or basically) a space cadet.
57_that I have had passions, but that I have never become overly obsessed about them (for to awfully long)
          Because I'm nearly at the end, these gratitudes are getting pretty random, I must say :)

           One Positive_19/ 21
Well, I finished the last of the stories I'm doing for this particular mission101 so, very cool. And Lauren and I went to the mall looking for some particular things, we found, and bought, those particular things and we came home. Sort of like a precision strike, wherein we bought nothing we weren't supposed to. This is not only a positive, but kind of amazing as well.
          I did one act of doing something beyond the normal: Today, honestly, I did everything at a very normal level.
          Wait, I know, how about that when the total cute Pacific Islander dude, with the thick wavy half-way-down-his-back brown hair, at the Vans store asked, with a perfectly sweet smile, how I was doing, I merely looked up at him, through my fringe of blond (and my glasses) and, smiling, said that I was just fine without drooling on him not even once. Yeah, that so counts.
          Ditto the sweet faced Asian dude with the completely straight down-to-his-waist- black hair at the cash register. Way to go, Vans!!
          I did exercise: I worked for 45 minutes potting plants and then, Lauren and I spent 2.5 hours cruising the mall.
          I did meditate:I did 25 blissful iPod minutes

Two days to go. Oh whoa!

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