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Check out the color_like no other

I subscribe to a daily, Monday through Friday,
media email called
A Very Short List (VSL)

which recommends one media per day they find interesting,
could be a movie, a vid, a CD, a book...whatever, just not main-stream.
I subscribed, honestly, because Simon Dumenco edits it
but I continue with it because I love their recommendations and
they always provide links to buy...mostly amazon, or rent...always netflix.
Sometimes all you're supposed to do is watch,
like today's which is  a commercial with a throw-back to
an older VSL email regarding a second commercial both done by Sony.
These are real, not done with computer graphics, all European produced.and
I love that the first one is San Francisco, the second is Glasgow.
Below the second commercial is a run-down on how it was filmed and cleaned-up.

Sony Bravia TV commercial One

 Sony Bravia TV commercial Two

So cool.
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