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Okay, you lucky girls and boys...

...once again it's time for the second four-month update for my mission101...oh yay! which I assure you will be WAAAY shorter than my first update.

My original list, which runs from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 and which is happily turning from black (tasks not done) to blue (tasks that are!!) can be found here.

My first four-part update can be found here...and here...and here...and here. WTF!!??!!

Apparently, last time, I felt the need to discuss endlessly, this time...not so much so, during the first-third, I completed 42 of my 101 tasks while during this second-third, I've completed 27 for a grand total of 70.

To kind of put that into context, of the 31 tasks remaining, 20 are on-going, which means that they can't be completed until at or very near October, tasks like #'s1 & 2_Read every one, of the approximately 8, recommended Bookclub Books, #92_Events, #75_Appointments, #'s78 through 83_Monthly Chores etc. Others, like teaching myself to play the recorder, probably aren't going to happen while several have been put off until summer when my daughter will be home from college to help me.

While during the first-third, I completed all but one Writing task, during the second, I completed ALL of my Art tasks, finishing 8 approximately 14 x 17" drawings. This is a REALLY big and a REALLY happy accomplishment for me so...YAY!!
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I think beyond that I am most happy that I did finish my one remaining Writing task and wrote my three little physics essays and that I did my The Happiness Month, which turned out to be unexpectedly awesome for me.
As I have said before and as I will continue to say unto forever, this is the best organizing tool I have come across and so, I thank this community profusely for existing. I'll be back at the beginning of October to wrap things up for this, my fourth, mission101. See you all then!

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