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Third List_Second Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of Photographs: 3_6/100
Themes: 2_Frozen; 11_Duty; 45_Hope

In the past, most all of my photos have been 'found' in that I didn't set them up to match a particular prompt.
This time I plan on doing more 'set-ups' like with this one.

11_Duty_As soon as you finish one 100_snapshots list, all subsequent photos can be used for the next list and so, these next two go way back to last fall_An Obama rally in downtown San Jose where my daughter and I had such fun!!



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I'm thinking of having waffles for dessert. I have Van's whole grain kind.

nom nom!! So, did you?

How can I NOT like that one? FanSee

Yeah, I thought it a pretty good image for that particular prompt too!!

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