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They become lovely monsters
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Short and beautiful TED vid of a storm chaser photographer


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That is one brave lady. I'd be hiding in the basement if I saw anything like that in the sky. :D

She is brave, I agree. I'm not sure where I'd be though. I'd never chase a storm but if one came to me, I imagine I'd be crazy enough to still try and take photos of it :)

Yeah no...nothing freaks me out like the power of nature. :)

And nothing captivates me more than a magnificent sky...my photographic weakness :)

Ugh I remember being locked into a supermarket for two hours while a storm raged outside and it was life-threatening to go out the door (fucking shopping carts were being slammed into the walls and the cars, it was a frigging typhoon with lightnig right over us). NOT fun!

I can see why you would have difficulties with wild weather.

As an opposing experience, I once stood in a rain-drenched, flower-strewn field in Yosemite while lightening flashed overhead and, honestly, I was in my heaven. Or, at least, my nature-heaven. A couple of good friends and a bit of acid probably add to my lovely memory. Trapped in a store with typhoon weather outside wouldn't work for me either.

Lightning on acid? I can imagine how awesome that would be. :)

This was a beautiful and moving presentation. Thank you.

You are more than welcome. TED vids tend to be longish, I was so happy to find this shorter one :)

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