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Third List_Seventh Post_100_snapshots
icon science_astronomy
Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 12_Philosophy; 34_Ancient; 77_Station


34_Ancient_A Columbian Mamouth

77_Station_the tram station that takes visitors up the hill to where the J Paul Getty Museum is located. No cars allowed!!


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What WOULD the man of steel do? Something I've often asked myself.

Is that mammoth as big as it looks in the picture? Pretty intimidating. FanSee

'What WOULD the man of steel do? Something I've often asked myself.'
lol!! We ask ourselves 'What would Captain Picard do?'

Not really. It stands on a platform with its back at about seven feet and its head at nine if it was on level ground with us.

Do they have places to park when taking the tram?

Great pics. Are the books on TV and film and books and Philosophy good?

What did you get out of them?

Yes, they do. You park at the bottom of the hill, which the tram than takes you up thereby keeping the museum car-free :)

The philosophy books are from a shelf in the Philosophy Section at Barnes & Noble. I haven't actually read any of them although Lauren has begun reading a couple.

I love your idea for the philosophy pic!

Thank you!! I just kept thinking about what I could photograph that would make the concept tangible. Books and Barnes & Noble came to mind. Why am I not surprised? Lauren helped me select the perfect section out their three or four shelves of philosophic books.

That mammoth photo is wonderful.

Thank you!! The La Brea Tar Pits Museum was full of such wonderful photographs.

Also, it's especially wonderful to have you commenting again!!

It's so good to be back on LJ. :)

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