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Third List_Eighth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera
Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 17_Variety;  42_Memory; 73_Shoes


42_Memory_Our various memory devices with the bags they're kept in



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It's a good thing it's lunch time -- "Variety" made me very hungry. lol

Love the shoes pic!

Variety apparently made a few hungry :) and yes, Shoes was a terrific find, difficult to take though through the throngs of people passing by.

Variety makes me hungry. lol.

I have about that many memory devices.

Variety is from a great little restaurant called Siena located in a neighborhood here called Willow Glen. We try and eat there a couple of times per month. Always lunch!!

We've lost so much from computer crashes that we now have backups for our backups, which we do once per month...religiously :D

The shoe thing is so cool! Love the variety pic as well.

I know, Shoe was a very cool window display and thank you, Variety was fun to look at as well as fun to eat :)

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