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365 Photography Project_3rd_July Post

July 2, 2013_Tuesday_June reading
July02_2013_Tuesday_June reading
Carl Sagan's Billions and Billions is wonderful and wonderful!! The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, which was the bookclub book, is a lovely teacher/student relationship developed over the course of a school year of Wednesdays through Shakespeare. Higher by Neal Bascomb is about the sky-scraper building battle between the Chrysler Building and 40 Wall Street with the Empire State thrown in for good measure. What went on to get these buildings built was amazing outrageous. Plus my reread of rest of The Seventh Tower series by Garth Nix, the first of which I reread in May and all of which I love!!

Sunday July 7, 2013_the pretty blue & white agapantha flowers in my court and side yards which are all gone now :(

Friday July 12, 2013_at the eye doctors for Lauren and me as per every summer.
July12_2013_Friday_eye doctor
Also July 12, 2013_They're remodeling our little Princeton Plaza and in one empty store they're storing signage, which I found interesting. And colorful!
July12_2013_Friday_Princeton Plaza remodel

Friday July 19, 2013_Our first finished puzzle. Lauren and I were so proud. I liked this puzzle, this puzzle can stay.
July19_2013_Friday_1st puzzle done
Also July 19, 2013_then we went to the movies and saw Despicable Me2!! YAY...YAY...YAY!!!
July19_2013_Friday_Despicable Me2

Wednesday July 24, 2013_I'm collecting these little figures from Game of Thrones, Ned Stark and Renly Baratheon. I will be buying more :)
July24_2013_Wednesday_GoT collection

Thursday July 25, 2013_Our second finished puzzle. Lauren remain so proud. This one is less pieces (550) then the bird one above (1,000) but this one is cut on a curve which creates weirdly shaped pieces.
July25_2013_Thursday_2nd puzzle

Tuesday July 30, 2013_My wildlife photographer is home and so, she got this shot of the kitty from across the street or maybe next door or who the hell knows where from.
July30_2013_Tuesday_nextdoor kitty in courtyard

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