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At Berkeley Rep seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in No Man's Land. So so awesome!!!

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Oh, sweetie, it was. I'll post a little about our adventure hopefully later today.

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It was amazing, McKellen was amazing as was Stewart, but it was being able to see them together that really made this special. I still need to do a little post about it. What did you see him in?

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We totally loved it especially since Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen are both major heartthrobs for both Lauren & me :D I'm going to post a little more about our day later. I'll bet your Oliver Twist was also amazing, it's such a nicely sized venue with decent acoustics.

I'm so envious. What was the best thing about the play?

M Lyn

I'm hoping to do a little post later today so...stay tuned!!!

How fantastic.

Am so very, very envious. :)

I would have been too if I hadn't been there. I'll post a little about our adventure hopefully later today :)

It was fab...U...lous. I'll post a bit about it later :)

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