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365 Photography Project_3rd_August Post

Seemingly random this month...ah well.

Thursday August 1, 2013_July reading.
August01_2013_July reading
I finished The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which when I read it the first time, he hadn't even entirely written. I am glad to have now completed the series. Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres is a memoir I read because Lauren said I had too, it was just that good and she was right. Every Day by David Levithan is the story of a 15 year old who wakes up every day as some new, other 15 year old, different genders, different races, different social standings etc. Mister Monday & Grim Tuesday are the first of seven books in the Kings to the Kingdom young reader series by Garth Nix. Each book is named after a day of the week and each day of the week represented one of the seven deadly sins. I'll try a summation next month when I post about the other 5 books :)

Friday August 2, 2013_We did this month's bookclub, Seriously, I'm Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres, at Katie's, which has this view from in front of her house. The 'meeting' was held in her backyard, under the stars while we drank sangria and munched on much deliciousness and discussed life and, at times, even the book. Lovely evening.
August02_2013_Friday_bookclub night

Saturday August 3, 2013_Our first August puzzle of an amazing, and really kind of disgusting, sandwich.
August03_2013_Saturday_snack stack

Thursday August 15, 2013_The outside and inside of the Berkeley Rep where we saw No Man's Land, which I have discussed at length already on my journal HERE. They wouldn't let us take photos during the production. So sad :(
August15_2013_Thursday_No Man's Land_Exterior
August15_2013_Thursday_No Man's Land_Interior

Friday August 16, 2013_Our second August puzzle, this one of a zillion beetles was HARD!!
August16_2013_Friday_beetles puzzle

Thursday August 29, 2013_Our third, and last, August puzzle. This one I LOVED doing, so much fun.

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