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Out with mission101 #4 and even if I do love my little Franz Marc icon so

My completed mission101 #4 can be found HERE.

All that is blue --90 tasks-- are DONE, which is good.
All that is red --11 tasks-- are FAILS, which isn't as good, but I'm going with the learning experience rational to mitigate my sense of well...failure.

The Fails
Exercising_ I put this on every list and on every list it is a fail. I want to, I won't so, this task is NOT going on any more missions.
Organizing family photos, I put this as ONE SINGLE task!! Am I out of my mind??!!?? Perhaps, but that aside, I'm making this worth 7 WHOLE tasks on mission #5 because it's just that intimidating.
Lauren's Book was partially done with mission #4 and is now included in both missions #5 AND #6 because doing 25 or so drawings is a lot!! Seriously. This project accounted for 5 fails all on its own.
Maybe one day, I'll learn to play the recorder & a couple of tunes, but for at least the coming year, this will remain 2 fails.

The Completions
I read ALL of my bookclub books plus all of the books I chose to read
I watched my 1st 24 movies on the BEST 100 MOVIES EVER List
I did 9 PLUS  drawings, which caused me to kind of amaze myself

I wrote 7 -- all my remaining works-in-progress-- stories
I wrote the story at least for Lauren's book
I wrote 3 nonfiction essays, something I hadn't done since, you guessed it, high school
I kept up my photography, my modified 365 Project & 100_snapshots
I finally finished 3 Lauren -related projects, finally because 1 was actually her baby book and,
in general,
I kept our very little family running as smoothly as I could. Menus were made weekly, appointments were kept, chores were done, blood was donated and so on. Sure, I could have been more on-top-of-it house & yard work-wise, but I did better than I have in past years. Oh, and I reorganized a bunch of stuff plus, we also did a number of cool events, a musical, a play, several actually-at-the-theater movies, a couple of art events and so on. A lot of these things/ events/ whatever would not have been accomplished otherwise. Of this, I am sure so, YAY!!! mission101.

What have I learned, you ask? Well, that organizing the 101 tasks efficiently so that they're easily monitored is key. My 1st mission was a total mess. My 2nd wasn't much better. With each subsequent list, I've learned how to keep the tasks and their various steps organized so I can tell what I'm doing, refining that process even more with this last list, as I'm sure I do again with the next. It's all about keeping track, and about setting realistic tasks.. At least for me :)

Tomorrow, a couple of days ahead of time, I'm posting my mission101 #5. Is Excited!!!

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