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Third List_Nineteenth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 27_Unique; 46_Sin; 90_Farm

27_Unique_Not so much the building but the opportunity it provide us which was to see Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart act in the play No Man's Land.

46_Sin_Starbucks iced caramel macchiato is IMO the definition of sin :)



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Starbucks is the best kind of sin!

Oh dear! Starbucks-free zone... I'd have to bring a supply. lol

I told you I'm very much enjoying your pics, right? :=)

You have mentioned it, but it never hurts to hear you say so again so, than you!!! Hope to see you around more :)

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!! We do have green space suth of here where farms still roam, which is nice.

So envious of you, seeing those two on the stage, wish I had. :)

Obviously Aussies are into different sins, Starbucks went bankrupt here. They opened masses of stores and all but a few have closed. lol.

Here's why....


Love "farm".

It was an honor and a privilege to have seen the both of them. Should you get the chance, jump on it :)

Personally, and this is nothing at you, I find the article, what I read anyway, very insulting like I, and all the rest of us Americans, don't know a decent cup of coffee when I, or we, drink one. I know I do and don't care much to be informed that what I like is apparently 'weak and bitter'. Obviously, their business model was flawed and just as obviously most Australians have a different idea of what constitutes 'good' coffee, an idea no better or worse or than that of Americans.

And thank you, Farm did come pretty nice...after several tries. It kept coming out crooked :D.

Sorry didn't mean to upset you. I just found this article and just meant it to show our different attitudes to coffee, I didn't mean it as criticism of American coffee preferences at all.

I know you didn't but who ever wrote it sure did. I'm sorry I got all upset but I have a real problem with decisiveness. I just don't see the point?

Pretty farm and nicely composed shot!

Thank you! I went by there again on Thursday and now, it's all brown including the hills behind it :)

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