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365 Photography Project_4th_October Post


Tuesday October 1, 2013_September books I read & vids we watched. Lauren had a couple Sedaris books I had not yet read so, I did, enjoying them both as much as she did. She also asked me to read the Cameron book, a Young Reader book, and I enjoyed it also very much. Neuromancer, considered one of best hardcore science fiction books, was a difficult read, but I persevered and, as with so many things, it was well worth the effort.
The 2 Great Courses vids, Theories of Human Development and How Conversation Works, Lauren and I enjoyed them and will undoubtedly watch them again.
October01_2013_Tuesday_September reads

Friday October 4, 2013_Santa Cruz antique store_Cindy and I went to get the kids to bring them home for the weekend and, on the way out of Santa Cruz, we stopped off at a couple of antique stores, this one specializing in Asian items, from huge furniture pieces to tiny netsuke.
October04_2013_Friday_cool antique store

October04_2013_Friday_cool antique store_2

Saturday October 6, 2013_Sign_I was somewhere with Lauren when I saw this sign which I think looks really cool, found art of a sort.

Monday October 14, 2013_My walkway

Monday October 28, 2013_Antiquing again_This time Cindy's looking for a lamp so, we hit antique row here in San Jose, a small section of West San Carlos. One of the things I love most about antique stores is the odd juxtapositioning of items, especially during the holidays. We were almost done when I thought to take a few photographs.
A jaunty skeleton and a fair maiden.
October28_2013_Monday_Antiquing October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingA
It was the little rabbit that caught my eye. I couldn't help but wonder where his partner was w2ho, I have to imagine, was black :)

I may have to go back for that wee white deer to add to my little collection of Christmas candles :) Layers on layers on layers!!!
October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingD October28_2013_Monday_AntiquingE

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