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So, if you subscribe to HBO, you might want to check this out!
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Snagged from qaffangyrl
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Or hope you can get the show OnDemand :)

I subscribe and subscribe and I'm waiting and waiting.

All the way until January, which, from what I understand, is also when Sherlock and Downtown Abby come back. Oh boy, oh boy!!

I have HBO. This is something I'd be interested in watching, but the trailer doesn't exactly make me feel excited about it. Usually, if I don't like the pilot I don't want the rest of the series. I guess we'll see what happens! :) I wonder if this is starting around the same time Girls is starting back up?

I find trailers difficult anyway so, guess I'll also just have to wait and see. I haven't watched Girls. Would you recommend it?

Yeah, sometimes there are shitty trailers for great movies or shows.

I LOVE Girls!! I was hooked instantly from the first few minutes of the pilot. It's funny, smart, and I love that it portrays young people who are actually struggling to make it in the real world. It's very realistic, in that sense. I definitely recommend it. If you have HBO you can watch all the episodes on HBOgo or on Demand. The thing I love about HBO is that they have every single show and episode available on Demand. That is how I finally got the chance to watch Six Feet Under and Game of Thrones. :)

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