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On my mission101 numero five-o...
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I'd put as 3 WHOLE tasks: Paint the Master Bedroom, which entailed more than you might think mainly because when we'd first moved into this place, not only was I going through my Sage-Green phase, but also my wallpaper-border-at-the-top-of-the-ceiling phase, neither of which am I any longer in. (what??)  And so...

Big Deal mission101 tasks completed for October:

FIRSTLY, I removed all the stuff from the room and, as importantly, had to find somewhere not in the way, to stash all of that until the room was complete_Two days
SECONDLY, I shoved the remaining I-can't-possibly-move-this-shit-anywhere-else furniture into the middle of the room and started peeling off the border_One day
THIRDLY, unfortunately though, the border had a liner so, I had to wet that down and peel it off_One day.
FOURTHLY, I Spackled and sanded the walls_One day
FIFTHLY, I painted the four walls, maneuvering myself delicately around the herded-to-the-middle-of-the room-furniture_One day
I'm hoping by now, you can see why I pegged this deal at 3 tasks. Seriously.
SIXTHLY, I had to deal with the floorboards, I guess you call them. The room initially had carpeting that we removed a few years back, which left a gap between the original floorboard and the hardwood floors we found underneath the carpet. David had added a second floorboard piece to cover the gap but we hadn't bothered then to caulk and repaint it. Now, I bothered, crawling slowly around the room, in that narrow space between the walls and the furniture, first caulking, then painting_One long and arduous day
SEVENTHLY, By now, as you might imagine, I'm pretty tired and I still needed to put everything back, but Lauren came home and helped. Some. She helped some. Sort of_Two days

I give you Pics!! The Before...
& the During,
Everything was tarped, just so you know.
& the After. Ooooh. Aaaah!!
The End. Applause. Applause. Applause.


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(Deleted comment)
Thank you. We think so too!

I LOVE the "after"! Gorgeous.

I'm so glad you do. The blue is such a softer color.

Wow!!!! What a beautiful job you did. In just a few days. Amazing.

I'm so happy that you can do that.

M Lyn

Thank you!! I was surprised at my persistence :) And I'm glad too that I'm still able to do this sort of thing but it is getting more difficult, I can admit to you that :D Again, thanks for the lovely comment.

Beautiful! The room looks much bigger with that color scheme too.

Thank you!! And I agree, it does look bigger, the lighter color scheme certainly helps but I also think having the border removed makes the ceiling seem higher. Maybe just a little :)

What a task! But I bet you appreciate your hard work now, it looks great!

I really do, every time I walk into the room. I had envisioned it for so long that to now finally see it complete is pretty cool. Thank you!

*applauds* wildly, it looks fabulous!

*takes a bow* It was quite a bit of work and I am actually kind of proud of myself so, I'm very glad you thinks it looks fabulous.

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