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365 Photography Project_3rd_November Post
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Friday November 1, 2013_October reading & vidding
I, for whatever reason, had the Neil Simon memoir just laying around so, I decided to read it and was impressed enough with his story to buy the second half which was written much later.
I very much enjoyed the part how-to-write/ part memoir of Stephen King. He tells a good story and the practical sections had useful information.
The Girls Who Went Away was my bookclub book which deals with a period in time, the 1940s through the early 70s, when young pregnant girls were given very little or, more likely, no choice about keeping their baby and the almost universally devastating impact of that very personal decision on the many women interviewed for the book. It was recommended by a woman in our group who was adopted, but who has since come to know her birth mother.
Both the vids were short, 6-30 minutes eppies, one on healthy cooking and one on possible alternative reads to the classics that we know we should read but somehow never get around to like War & Peace.
November01_2013_Friday_October reading & vidding

Tuesday November 7, 2013_Drop-off voting at our local library_I handed in mine, Lauren's and David's ballots since we find it absolutely impossible to get them mailed in on time.
November07_2013_Tuesday_dropoff voting at the library

Saturday November 16, 2013_Cindy and I went to the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds, which is beautifully tucked up against the hills in Watsonville, for the Goat Hill Antique Show. Oh YAY!! First, the masses :) then a pretty display. Actually, each and every one of the different venders did a very nice job with their showcases. Everywhere you looked, it was beautiful.
And another pretty display. I loved the golden frames against the industrial-esque walls.
This gentleman, the owner along with his wife, does all the display work. He's wrapping my purchase :)

Sunday November, 17, 2013_This is Lauren's photograph of the Del Mar Theater, the Mar does light up just one letter at a time, where she and Jimmy having been spending their Sundays for the last month viewing filmed versions of plays ,both old and new, that have been put on by The National Theater in London. This particular Sunday they saw Habit of Art, the next they saw Macbeth. The presentations are complete for this year, but will, happily, begin again in 2014.
Monday November 18, 2013_Back to Acqui's for lunch with Barbara. I though I'd include a photo of it's outdoor dining area which is generally filled, but since it had rained, the seating was damp so, everyone was dinning indoors.
November17_2013_Sunday_Lauren'sNovember18_2013_Monday_Acqui with Barbara

Saturday November 23, 2013_Cindy decided to shop for a new Christmas tree since Jimmy, along with Lauren, was home to advise her. Their family, like ours, uses a fake tree because, like me, Cindy is very allergic to natural trees. After years of suffering through a month of headaches trying to keep the real-tree tradition alive, I gave it up over a decade ago while they did about 5 years ago. These are a couple of photos of the inside of one store we visited, upstairs and down.
November23_2013_Saturday_tree store
November23_2013_Saturday_tree store_A

Sunday November 24, 2013_The day after the Christmas Tree stores, we took the kids back to Santa Cruz so they wouldn't miss their Macbeth.
Thursday November 29, 2013_Dinner at the Hadley's once again, it's like a real tradition!! Jimmy and Lauren made pie, Jimmy made rolls, David and Lauren made the stuffing, Lauren and I made apple latkes (because of the holiday cross-over of Hanukkah & Thanksgiving) and Cindy made pretty much everything else except the gravy which I think we all had a hand in making. Lovely, lovely time :)
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Nice photos. Love the plates on the table. Lucious looking meal. I adore Christmas stores. Fun.

Sounds like you and Lauren are having a good time on her break.

M Lyn

Thank you! Cindy's plates are lovely, they're Corelle so...unbreakable!! The stores were fun and yes, Lauren and I are having a fun time. She's back to school tomorrow, but will be home again in early December. YAY!!

I wonder if those plates are still available. I'd love to try to find a place setting. I have
Corelle but they are white with irises.

Love the colors in Cindy's. Wonder what pattern it is? Could you find out for me?

Have fun and enjoy decorating for Christmas. Be sure to send me a photo of the tree. I'm just now getting my Christmas tree album together. Photos are from 1954 to the present. Hee hee

M Lyn

I've emailed Cindy and if she remembers the pattern name, I'll let you know.

I start next week to decorate and will definitely send you photos via email once I'm done. Thanks for requesting them :)

the Corelle dinnerware pattern is called Impressions and can be found even on amazon.

Thank you so much for letting me know, Gaeln. I had to buy four of the square white containers to get enough lids for what I already had but he lids broke. Hee hee

I love the way the table looks with that dinnerware.

M Lyn

My pleasure! I think the lovely thing about that dinnerware is that it goes with almost any occasion. Very versatile.

I love viewing all the holiday related pics. :)

And it's not even December yet. I love the holiday photos too and look forward to posting more in a month or so!!

I'd be interested in reading Stephen King's book. "Part 'how to write' sounds very intriguing. Does he actually give instructions on writing?

He does, but he also talks about his own experiences as a writer with some serious addictions. Here's the amazon link for you to check out if you want.

I enjoyed it, I'd recommend, but wouldn't say it changed the way I write. I just enjoy reading books about writing written by writers :)

That's exactly what attracted me to it - a book about writing written by a writer! LOL

Thanks for the link. I just ordered it and can't wait to read it. ♥

Let me know what you think :)

What great pics.

The "feast" looks amazing!

I switched to a fake tree about ten years back too, trying to keep it looking good in the middle of summer is just too hard.... pine needles everywhere!!

Thank you!! And the feast not only looks amazing but was amazing.

Seriously, I never thought about keeping the tree looking good in the middle of your summer, although since I grew up in San Diego, our winter was pretty summery as well. Our concession was to do 'Christmas' on Christmas Eve so we could at least pretend there was snow outside, something San Diego has never ever seen.

Argh, you're getting me into the holiday spirit with great pics. Don't do this to me, I'm not ready for this! LOL!!

You can handle it, I know you can. Just take a deep breath and do all your shopping online ;D

Yes, online shopping is the plan. :)

As always, I am fascinated by your reading and viewing pile. So much of my reading is on my Kindle and my viewing is streamed that I couldn't put together an impressive pile, myself.

The Antique Fair looks like shopper's heaven. Did you buy anything, or was it all window shopping, so to speak?

I'll have a taste of everything in the last picture, thank you. FanSee

lol!! I'm asking for a e-reader for Christmas but will probably always read books and collect DVDs. I guess I'm tangible-oriented..

It was a shopper's heaven if you're into old stuff. I left with two large bags full and I left very very happy.

I wish I could send you a taste of everything, it was yum as I'm sure yours was too :)

I am jealous of the filmed theater. i would be there every Sunday as well.

I just found Stephen King's On Writing on one of my bookshelves and set it aside to read.


So am I!, but Lauren says that The National Theater is doing these presentations, with an actual woman, in the case of Santa Cruz, who does a discussion half-hour prior to each showing, all over American and around the world, just in smaller markets like Santa Cruz. They are done for this year but will start up again in January. I'll have Lauren let me know and then let you know so you can maybe check for them in your area.

King's book is an easy read and enjoyable, other than all the shit he goes through, but honestly, I can't say I came away with very much, a little, but it didn't change my way of thinking about writing. I'd still recommend it because a view of writing from the perspective of a big deal writer is always interesting, or at least should be.

Hello!! I'm so glad to see you around.

Thanks I would definitely go if it was showing within a couple of hours of drive time.

I'm looking forward to King's book because in so many ways and in so much of his writing he has acknowledged that he is not a writer's writer and knows it but still works so hard at his craft. There have been times when I'm reading him that I edit in my mind and wonder to myself if his editor pointed that bit out and he refused or if no one said anything. I have such a soft spot in my heart for him. I am currently waiting for Dr. Sleep to come out in paperback so I can continue reading about Danny Torrance, the boy from The Shining.

I've not actually read any of his books beyond this one so, if you were to rec one, just one, which one would it be :)

I have been fretting about this! I was all set to say The Stand but now have decided to go with The Dead Zone instead.

The Dead Zone is both spooky and a political thriller. The protagonist is a school teacher in Maine whose life changes in an instant when an accident befalls him. Johnny Smith is essentially a good and moral man caught up in things much bigger than he and he tries his best to deal with it all. He is one of my favorite King characters.

Also, curious to know if you have seen the movie, The Shawshank Redemption? This is one of a few screen adaptations that, in my opinion, rivals or bests the written text. It is based on a King novella written when he was 35. I just love Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in their roles - such great chemistry.

Well, I'm glad to hear you put some thought into this, very cool. So, I've added The Dead Zone to my wishlist, thanks for taking the time :)

I've seen The Shawshank Redemption three or four times at least, it's one of our favorite movies. And I agree, the chemistry between the two men was perfect. Interesting, I didn't know the movie was based on a King story so, thanks for educating me.

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