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Another snagged from tumblr
icon people_Benedict2
from the newest issue of GQ


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He does have a long, strange face, doesn't he.

M Lyn

I find him beautiful, so elegant, just amazing.

WHY THE ouch in your post. I took it negatively. His face is very unusual which is part of why he is an actor, I think. Actors have to have something unique about them. HIs eyes draw me in.

He looks really young in the icon, doesn't he.

My favorite character he's played is Peter in Tailor, Tinker, Soldier, Spy. Luscious.



the ouch is because I find him so handsome it hurts, me anyway :) Not meant negatively at all. He does look young in the icon because he probably is plus, I think, because he's blonder in it, lighter somehow. He was wonderful as Peter as in so many other roles. Mmmmm is just right :)

I found gorgeous and funny Sherlock art work that I am printing and will put in an album for me. Did one for Queer as Folk. Gorgeous album. Still need to journal and it will be complete.

Could not have said it better myself. Just wow, indeed :)

OMG Yes!! Such elegance :)

He looks lean and young. I like him scruffy and a bit blotchy from lack of sleep.

I like him elegant because, I think, American actors can't pull this look off nearly as well as British actors can and of all the British actors I've seen, he pulls it off very nearly the best. Obama does (and Brian did) it sometimes too, this sort of easy elegance I love. Although sure, scruffy's good too :)

Have you watched Sherlock 301? I want to watch without downloading. Anywhere you know of?

No, we haven't since it doesn't air here until January 20th I believe or at least so Lauren tells me. Otherwise, it's downloading and I don't want to do that. Seems wrong.

Also, as to the National Theater, go here
and they'll show you where in your area to go. The first filmed production will be Tom Hiddelson in Coriolanus. Cool!!

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