gaeln (gaeln) wrote,

The Tenth Round Nominations for...

...the qaficon_awards are still in progress, until July 14th, with Cynthia as the Boys of Babylon 13th icon.

You can find my nominations here -- and yes, it is the same link as above so...whatever -- along with the posts of all the other very together and organized people who have already nominated for this round.

All the rules, like only three nominations per round per icon-maker plus a form with the categories, can be found here. They even provide the code and all you have to do is provide the url or, as in my case, upload from the ACDSee file where I keep each rounds nominations.

And when pimping the comm, you can even use their lovely banner...

...which adds some obvious class to an otherwise fairly normal post.

Honestly, this is really only my third time doing this because, since I am probably doing it the hardest way possible, it takes time but each time I do nominate it becomes easier and I like the idea that I am, in some small way, thanking all the wonderful people out there who help to make all our journals so much prettier.

Have any questions? feel free to ask the maintainers badbadpixie-- callie89-- or nanoa.

And, if desperate, you can always talk to me. Thanks and now...go play.
Tags: personal_qaf

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