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365 Photography Project_4th_December Post


Sunday December 1, 2013_November books PLUS...
Dec01_2013_November books
...A Radio Play: It's A Wonderful Life at UC Santa Cruz_this play was a delight and I'd totally recommend it if it ever comes to your area. A cigarette girl, there were 3 and they did all the sound effects, the poster, the interior set before the play began with band.
December01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_cigarette girlDecember01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_poster

December01_2013_Sunday_A Radio Play_It's a Wonderful Life_stage

Monday December 2, 2013_Lauren and Jimmy, after dinner in Campbell, posing for me.
December02__2013_Monday_Lauren's birthday

Sunday December 15, 2013_Lauren and I donate blood.
December15_2013_Sunday_Blood giving_A

Wednesday December 18, 2013_Ooops, David's car being towed to the dealership.
December18_2013_Wednesday_Up Up and Away

Thursday December 19, 2013_Lauren and I attended The Snow Queen @ San Jose Rep, which was terrific, really really terrific, a steampunky reinterpretation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic.
December19_2013_Thursday_The Snow Queen @ The RepDecember19_2013_Thursday_The Snow Queen @ The Rep_the poster

Saturday December 21, 2013_Lauren and Jimmy made cookies!!!! Nom Nom :)
December21_2013_Saturday_Laure&Jimmy made cookies

Sunday December 22, 2013_Our courtyard fence finally decorated.
December22_2013_Sunday_front fence

Sunday December 29, 2013_The Desolation of Smaug_YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

Tuesday December 31, 2013_Coffee at Cindy's with the girls, Susan, Barbara, Cindy & Liz. Oh, and Goldie too!!
December31_2013_Tuesday_the girls

A very busy and very good month :)

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