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Third List_Twenty-Fifth Post_100_snapshots
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Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 49_First; 54_Occult; 89_Last

49_First_the first minute of the new year


89_Last_the last minute of the old year


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On the first minute of the new year, I was on a lonely, dark highway headed fast and true to my destination sharing the moment with only one other soul in the right lane.

Which means you began the new year with purpose, in motion, goal-oriented while the furthest we got from the couch was our front gate where we could hear, but not see :( the fireworks. Glad you made it safely.

I like this very much and will remember it as I move forward through the new year.

I really like your old year/new year pics. :)

The idea came to me in a flash of inspiration, as we were watching the New Year's festivities...LAST minute and FIRST minute...perfect :)

Great idea with the first of the new year and last of the old year pics!

Periodically, I have these moments of inspiration. Happily, this time it came before and not after the event :)

Love the photos and how you captured the time on the clock.

Great stuff.

M Lyn

Thank you!! You just have to keep clicking the shutter and hope for the best :)

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