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Third List_Twenty-Sixth Post_100_snapshots
icon art_camera_2-365
Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 23_Strong; 65_Coffee; 97_Photography

23_Strong_Coffee the way I like it, strong & black...ummm umm :)

65_Coffee_Our local store's selection

97_Photography_I scoured our house, finding all our collective cameras, David's, my dad's and mine, and their accessories and cases. The only one not in the photo is the main one I use, which is exactly what I'm doing with it :)


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Great collection of cameras from the decades. :)

through the ages is right and I'm glad they're all mine :)

I love the photo of the cameras! It's about time someone put them into their place :P

Like the composition of the first shot! And whoa, that is a lot of cameras...

Thank you!! The trivets in the background belonged to my grandma, which is one reason why, the other being that they are very pretty, you'll see them in a lot of my photos taken in our kitchen.

We, David, my dad and I, never got rid of a single camera and now, all tucked into the two camera bags, they reside,safe and sound, in the closet. Most of them anyway :)

What a fantastic collection you have. I'm jealous. :D

I have the camera my Dad got for his 21st birthday in 1945, and it still works, tough film is hard to find these days.

Love the teapot.

I know, right? What a collection! And how special to have your dad's camera, that's how I feel too.

What an amazing picture! That is one heck of a lot of cameras!

Love the two coffee-themed photos, but especially Strong. I love the composition of the picture, with all the items on the periphery. Very nice. FanSee

Took me about an hour to gather them all up and arrange them, but then, the second shot did it!!

Thank you!! The teapot I only use when Lauren's home, we make Earl Gray Hot while we watch Star Trek and the trivets belong to my grandma. They're both personal and pretty. I seem to work them into a lot of photos :)

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