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365 Photography Project_4th_February Post

First, as always_February 1, 2014_January reading_mainly consisted of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, for which he won several awards and which I enjoyed tremendously. So fun! Crazy Wisdom is one of my old old books that I had never read, which makes the case for an alternative life-view, it's written by Wes 'Scoop' Nisker, who once was a San Francisco DJ I listened to and liked, which is probably why I bought the book eons ago.

I learned a tremendous amount from Le Guin's Steering the Craft: Exercises and Discussions on Story Writing for the Long Navigator or the Mutinous Crew, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. The Great Courses vid, Writing & Civilization, was about the science of the decipherment of ancient languages. Terrific!!
February01_2014_Saturday_January readingA

February 12, 2014_Thursday_David was driving us home from somewhere when I noticed the sky! Taken through the car window while zipping along the highway :)
February13_2014_Thursday_cool sky
February13_2014_Thursday_cool sky_A

February 14, 2014_Friday_Valentines!!! Nom nom :)
February14_2014_Friday_Valentine's Day

February 16, 2014_Sunday_David went away to Boston for a few business-related days so, I spent four hours of Sunday watching Lauren play Kill Zone which weirdly, given I am vaguely pacifistic and entirely non-violent, I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play. That's her big ole gun in the lower right-hand corner! The game is David's, but she plays it A LOT better. Interesting :)
February16_2014_Sunday_Kill Zone

February 20, 2014_Thursday_So, when my dad died, I inherited ALL of his and my mom's and my Grandparent's photo albums, which had been somewhat organized over the years by my mom, but unfortunately she used the albums in this photograph, nasty albums that eat your old and precious pictures, bad plastic, sticky pages, so, I took them all apart and am starting over again, using archival quality albums. These are empty and have since been disposed of in the garbage and taken away to the dump.

I first started this project five years ago, taking apart a couple of these albums, but I got frustrated, then bored and so stopped. Now, as I look at the hundreds of photos I have to reorganize, I hope I've haven't bitten off more than I can chew!!
February20_2014_Thursday_mama's old albums

Ending on a pretty note_February 26, Wednesday_I have had some bulbs in a pot on my porch for several years that leaf out but have never before bloomed. This year, they did. Nice!!

Stay creative!!

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