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 Number of Photographs: 3
Themes: 24_Homely; 98_Art; 99_Miracle

24_Homely_Not the traditional definition,I didn't want to classify anyone or anything as homely, the word also means to paraphrase, to have a home-like vib, which, this being our wee den with our also wee dining room beyond, does :)


99_Miracle_Not to belabor the point but this photo is of our first rain in something like eight months. Realistically, it was more a drizzle but still, it was the thought that counted


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Cool art! I had no idea you were pluri-talented!

If only but thank you, I love the idea of pluri-talented :)

Your house is really beautiful. :)

Eight months and no rain? I can't even imagine that.

Thank you, sweetie. It's very small, but we try to make it comfortable. We built the fireplace ourselves, before, in that space, there was just a free-standing wood-burning stove surrounded by brick.

It's actually much worse than that. We generally go from April through January with very little rain, maybe once during the summer, but we are in MAJOR (we're always in drought-mode) drought-mode right now, the worst in California's 150 years of existence. We have a water project that brings water in from somewhere (I don't even know from where, the Sierras I think) and the water district has cut water to the cities by 50% and the Central Valley, where much of not only our but the US's food is grown, is getting NO water AT ALL!!

We're being asked to cut back consumption now by 20@ whereas in a 'normal' year, we're generally asked to cut back 10@ during the summer. Can't wait what they'll ask of us THIS summer!

Your room looks so comfy and inviting! And that last photo is just amazing! Thanks for sharing, hon!

Thank you! That room is where we do most of our living and although it is small, I feel very comfortable there :)

And thanks again, I always love sharing!

I'd love to see your drawings in more detail.

8 months is a long time. I thought the driest place on earth would be a desert, but look it's in Antarctica:


I'm thinking about do 'good' photographs of some of my drawings and posting them to my memories. If I do, I'll let you know because they kind of do need to be seen close. And thanks for wanting that :)

We're happily not so bad as those places but we are having the worst drought in our 150 year existence and they're already asking us to cut back 20% which they normally don't do until summer. What will summer bring!!

Thanks for the link!

Please send me copy of one piece

email so I can see it and the details.

Sounds like you mean same as homey.

M Lyn

Edited at 2014-03-12 10:54 am (UTC)

Re: Please send me copy of one piece

I'll take a photo of a couple and email them to you. Thanks for wanting that.

I looked up the definition of 'Homely' since that is the prompt word and there was the usual definition of unattractive which I didn't want to take a photograph to and there was this:
"(of a place or surroundings) simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one's own home'
so that's the definition I went with, one that I like much more and that allowed me to take a nice photograph of my own home.

What a warm, inviting room.

Love that last photo too.

Would love to see some of your art up closer, they look wonderful but I can't make out details. :)

Thank you! It actually is though small, it is where we most all of our living :)

Our little drizzle made me so happy...briefly.

I mentioned to flashfly that I might try and take some good photos of some of them and post them to my memories. If I do I'll let you know. Thanks for wanting to :)

I hope you do post some. :)

You have a gorgeous den! Love the last shot as well. :)

Thank you!!! Comfortable it is if not spacious :) My husband built the fireplace. Before there was one of those pot-belly like stoves there surrounded by brick. The brick remains, covered, while the stove is so long gone.

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