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Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen play The Newlywed Game!!
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As most of you know, I have a real thing for these two men and what could possibly be better then them playing The Newlywed Game together for 8 delightful minutes. Not much, not much at all :)



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Very enjoyable and funny. The things these two have done and seen and the characters they've played is mind boggling.

And through all that, the bond they have formed...so lovely :)

That was wonderful! I was very lucky to see them last year in two plays on the same day - Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land. It was a theater day to remember for always.

I'm glad you enjoyed. Another favorite is from the same interview where they impersonate each other.

Amazingly memorable!! I envy you both plays but, since we did at least get to see them in No Man's Land, not as much as I might have otherwise especially as Lauren and Jimmy got Ian's autograph :)

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