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I find this kind of amazing

About ten days ago, Lauren sent me a link, encouraging me to ''post this to your LJ or whatever!!!', to an Indiegogo campaign for Solar Roadways, a husband and wife team who are producing, they claim:
'Solar panels that you can drive, park, and walk on. They melt snow and... cut greenhouse gases by 75-percent?!!!'

I watched the vid and decided that they were people I wanted to support.

Now, to me, the really cool part to is that when Lauren first sent me the link, she said that she was afraid they weren't going to make their goal of one million $$$ because they had a deadline of only nine days left to go and had only raised forty-five thousand $$$. By the time I got around to donating, they had three days left to go, but were in fact at one point four million $$$ or, in other words, had made 142% of their goal. She was stunned when I told her.

Now they are at one point eight million $$$ (182%) and have extended their deadline for, as of today, 19 more days. This kind of thing encourages me, individuals the world over coming together and donating smallish amounts of money in support of people they will never know because those people have a terrific, innovative idea that should be encouraged.

Please watch the vid and see what you think.

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